Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Casula Work Day

So this post is a few days late..
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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Im a Garden

This is the second time I am wearing this dress and every time I wear it I feel the same way. Like a walking Garden. This dress is old, put in the summer time you can easily find any floral dress anywhere. DO Not be afraid to wear prints,!! Also loving my fedora and Red Lipstick. 

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Saturday, July 13, 2013


Thinking about what purse to wear is such a hard decision is almost as hard as knowing what shoes. Well today i really wanted to wear the wonderful vintage purse you ll see below, however i feel like nothing fits in there- and  its the same for 75%of all my bags. I personally hate looking at women walk around with two purse, however I'm starting to believe it is necessary. Today my look is casual like all weekday because of work, i try to look a bit classy, chic and casual. 
High Waisted Shorts : ZARA, T shirt : Banana Republic Watch: Michael Kors 

What I Want

     Viktor & Rolf - Flowerbomb   Image 1 of ASOS Contrast Panel Jumpsuit  Image 1 of ASOS Brady Slim Boyfriend Jeans in Bleach Wash  Image 1 of River Island Elephant Slinky Belt  Image 1 of New Look Limited Edition Acrylic Plate  Image 1 of ASOS Tunic Shirt with Sequin Embroidered Panel 
 Image 1 of ASOS Bow Detail Tights  Image 1 of ASOS Specs Watch  Image 1 of ASOS Peplum Plate Detail Waist Belt  Image 1 of ASOS Butterfly Turban With Front Bow Tie Detail

Its A Sunday Afternoon, I'm walking around the Mall, I see my self walking in to every store and picking up whatever is on sale or catchesmy eye. I finally get home and realize I hat everything I have bought. AWESOME! NOT!!!
I have decided to start a new regime, every month I will come up with a What I want list.. I am not allowed to buy anything unless I have already bought something  from my WANT LIST..
Hey, Whatever works right?
Have a blessed day!
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Friday, July 12, 2013

The Blue Sneakers

As we grow older we forget about the stores we grew up with. Yes it would be nice just walk around with only ZARA on my back, but unfortunately its not like that. YET!! Well this morning before going to work I wanted to buy this beautiful dress in H&M and went back to basics. My sneakers and pants are from Old Navy, and my shirt is from Jcrew.
I love mixing colors like red and blue.. Hate the fact that so many people say your shoes and bag should match.. NOT AT ALL
Here are some pics of Today outfit nothing special, but a friendly reminder that looking comfortable and feeling happy is the best thing.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

All about the Shoes

When I wake up my first thought is Thank You God for another day! My second thought is what will I wear today. A women can have a million outfits and will always believe she has none. Its all about layering recycling and taking risk. Exsaclly why I love wearing a variation of what I wore the previous day, Its just so easy. So today my outfit was born by the inspiration of my thrifted children's place blouse (yes its as easy to wear kids cloths as it is to wear men) and my Banana Republic wedges. I have had these Sandals for way to long well about 5 months without wearing them once. And they are actually comfortable, but not comfortable enough to walk 20 NYC blocks in them. Trust me I just did, and I have a blister to prove it. My skirt is from Free People. The pattern reminds me of an antique Tiffany Lamp.
Well to some up my long rants, what I want you to get from this post is- Yes getting dress is always a women hardest decision of the day.. depending on her perspective of life. But one way to make it so much easier is to pick an item. Look around your closet, do you have a pair of shoes your dieing to wear make that you staple and work around it. I saw my nude Banana Republic wedges I wanted to wear, so my next step was looking for a belt. I then  notice I have a skinny belt the same color. However, the belt only fits around my waist that automatically ruled out jeans for me. Then all I had to do was look for a skirt that matched my mood.
Wearing Nude shoes will always be a girls best friend, who doesn't like the appearance of longer legs, I'm 5'5 not that short but also not that tall. But I love the way my legs look in these shoes. Whats your favorite pair of nude shoes?

Have a blessed day.. XOXO
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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sneakers and Dresses

So I have a new addiction called Man Repeller, I absolutely love her blog her style. She is the definition of a perfect individual in my eyes.. So while getting ready for work I looked around my closet and said.. "How can I make my outfit a bit more man repelling". I got the grate idea of wearing my strip sundress with sneakers.. OK OK its not that bad but I'm trying. And to say the truth it actually works, while tieing my keds my boyfriend told me "What are your doing? Wear sandals". Mission completed!
Beside the fact that I was trying something new, I was actually very comfortable. It's supper hot outside and the dress is long but it so much better than wearing jeans our supper short shorts. YOU JUST HAVE TO LOVE A SUN DRESS!

As you see I could have easily worn this with some nice flip flops gladiators or even heels, but no I wore sneakers... lol I also layered it with one of my fave Marc Jacobs quarter length shirts. Its linen which is a grate material for summer. I also get sun burns in arm so besides the usual SPF I like to wear shirts to cover them. Hope every one is having a blessed week.
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Monday, July 8, 2013

There really not that bad

My Mondays are always a drag, they always make me regret not sleeping more on sundays. If you work and an office your used to the hectic post holiday rush. It seems like everyone has a problem something to say or just wants to have some type of problem to cry about. But as you will see in my up coming post i will give tips and advice on dealing with specific situation like crazy monday morning at work.
Today Monday was a crazy day but as I sat in my desk I took in a deep breath ad stared to work, work with love and desire. yes that sounds weird. But I just felt so grateful to actually have a job, i felt grateful for waking up this morning having the strength to walk, have breakfast. So i decided to give mondays a different meaning, instead of being a day of sorrow monday will be a day of grace.
I was also in a happy mood because i was dress in one of my favorite peplum shirts.

This coral cotton peplum shirt has to be one of my summer staples, O how i wish i had it in white. It is so light, supper comfortable and can easily be layered with anything. Today I decided to pair it with a vintage leather belt. The entire outfit was actually based of the belt. I love the gold detail and the croc!.
My army green pants are form ZARA also supper comfy. Perfect combination of clothing to wear in this bipolar NY weather. I love wearing shorts however i feel like my legs get to sticky. My neckless and bracelet are from le monet and my watch is Michael Kors my anchor earrings are form ALDO. 


After work, i slip in to this Banana Republic tribal print dress. Went for some frozen yogurt and finished my night in the piers. 
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Sunday, July 7, 2013

What have I been doing...

Life is full of the most unexpected things, you wake up every morning not knowing what the day will bring you. Im so blessed to say everything in my life seems to be in perfect order. Im more than happy with my self and how I have decided to carry my life, Im over the top excited that i'm done with my first year of college. Even more excited to be going to Dominica Republic in a couple weeks.!! But I have to say the best part of everything has been the simple fact of knowing that every step of the way I have the best man any one can ask for. We are dreamers lovers, and enthusiasts of our future.
Many more things have been happing in my personal life as well, but non matter because thru all God has helped me persevere.
So here are a few picture of what i have been up to..
I have so many blog post in mind for the Summer :)