Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spring Manicure

About 3 weeks ago I decided to try 
shellac and Loved it. 

Pros: It last 2weeks, Very shinny, professional feel. 

Cons: The color I picked was a dull pink, I believe it  was called Almost Bride. And it ended up turing brown at the bottom. Yes, it lasted two weeks however after I peeled it off my nails looks very damaged and chiped. 

Doing your own nails will never compare to getting them done proffesionaly.  However it can get a bit pricey. For my shellac I paid $23.00. Normally I would pay $22.00 for a mani pedi. Which is awesome, but my nails wont last one day without chipping. So I find my self in a dilema everytime its time to do my nails now. Should I do shellac, should I get a regular mani, should I do them myself, or can i just let them looks ugly. Jk. Never that.   
There are soma beautiful colors out now I decide to give my self a maicure. After all the chiped nails and bad experience with a very short lasting manicure I have found what works for me. 

Go get the perfect at home manicure you need  6 things.
1. A base coat, I love the Revlon quick Dry Base Coat, you can find it in any drug store for less than $6.
2. A good top coat. There are many types of top coats, get one that is right for you. It can be a quick dry or the one I prefer Sally Hansen Super Shine top Coat. It leave my nails with an almost get like shine. 
3. The color of your choice, I love this Sinful Color pink for the Spring in the shade 714 Beautiful Girl. 
4. A cuticle pusher, try to invest in a good one instead of buying the wooden orange sticks over and over again. This one I purchased in Duane Read for about  $4.00 
5. A cuticle oil or cuticle remover. The Sally Hansen Gel cuticle Remover is my favorite.  
6. A nail file
  So lets try to save a couple dollars and get our manis done at home, we can splurge on the days we really want to get pampered. 


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Blessing In The Making

Why Have I been so lost? Well there is only one answer I am pregnant. My Fiancé Chris and I are expecting our first baby! I have a lost of word; I honestly feel so blessed. So yes, I have been so overwhelmed with school work and the pregnancy. So far I have gained almost 20 pounds so I have no energy to get dressed and look nice. I honestly have no idea how women have the energy to look so beautiful during pregnancy. Maternity clothes looks horrible on and is way to over priced. I am trying to buy the least amount of clothing because my goal is to be back to my normal body and weight as soon as possible.

Now that I am at what most people consider save zone, I will try to update the blog on my progress and how everything is going. There are many changes going on but I am taking everything one step at a time with much patience and well; feeling blessed. Please let me know if you have any questions on anything.

How far along? 
26 weeks, about 6 1/2 months  

Are you showing yet? Definitely

Baby the Size of a: Papaya 

Maternity clothes: 
Well I do not fit in any other type of jeans. lol

Only on my left side with Chris and a pillow as support.

Missing anything: 
Yes, my wine and coffee.

Love you all!!