Friday, February 15, 2013

Fedoras And Trench Coats

I have always been obsessed with the Classic Burberry trench coat, how ever there is no way at this moment I will spend $2,000 on a jacket.  So when I came across this DKNY trench coat I knew it had to be mine. I love its cuts and fit. It is so versatile i can wear it so many ways with so many things. The booties I'm wearing are so adorable! I love the studded detail in the back and the fringe in the zipper.
Burberry Trench Coat 
Fedora : Forever21
Jeans: Diva Old Navy (love the fit)
Blouse: Jones New York 
Trench Coat: DKNY 
Bag: Bally 
Studded Booties: Local boutique
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Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Getting ready for an early class is never fun, unless you play with your outfit. As you may know I love wearing shorts, skirts pull overs anything with leggings or stockings, so today for class thats exactly what I did. The boots i'm wearing today are extremely comfortable and the design is beautiful. Yes they remind me of Dr Martens, which still want a pair of.
 Shorts are just regular light blue jean shorts,
 Pull over is a pink knitted oversize from New York & Company
Jacket is aWool, leather fleece which is vintage.
Over sized leather tote Thrift store
Infinity Scarf Anne Klein
Hope you like the look!


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Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Theses are my favorite makeup products at the moment, hope you enjoy if you have any questions leave a comment! 
Thank you so much for reading!! 
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Tarte Amazon clay blush in flush 
Bobbie Brown Bronzer 

                                                                       Clinique lose Powder  
Bobbie Brown Eye Shadow in Navy  
Chanel eye shadow

Monday, February 11, 2013

Leopard and Faux Fur

Sundays will always be my favorite day of the week, Its the ending of a cycle and the beginning of a new one. A beginning to start fresh, and do what you want most. I always love to dress up on Sundays, either to take pictures for my blog, to go shopping or just for a walk in the city.

 I love this outfit! The leggings with the faux leather in the side, and the green top with leopard print as well as the faux fur jacket. But of course my favorite thing about the entire outfit has to be the shoes! These shows where one of my christmas gifts from my mother and i had not had the chance to wear them until now.

Shirt: Vintage shop
Faux Fur coat: Local Boutique
Leggings: Forever 21
Shoes: Chanel
Ear rings: Forever 21
Neckless: H&M
Hope you enjoy!
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Saturday, February 9, 2013


The best thing of actually going shopping is styling what you bought! Many times I used to find myself not knowing what to wear or how to style what I bought. Yes blogs help me get ideas but the one thing that definitely works is buying outfits not just individual options. If your buying online style different outfits play around and pick one outfit, or two. Don't go crazy buying tons of things you wont actually wear, but get something that you will love and look good in. If your in a store try on the outfits( yes its annoying) but you be happy when you get home.
So will Iwas at Zara instead of going crazy like normally, Ijust bought two outfits I love!
The Kardashians have made Peplum a go to elegant yet versatile option of clothing, you have the peplum skirt, shirt and dresses. I decided to get these lace peplum blouses in black and white because they are amazing. I can wear them out and look classy I can wear jeans and dress it down for school. As for the pants I fell in love with owl print on the pastel. I am not going to wear these yet but it is never to early to buy for spring. The army green pant are just fabulous. I love the way they cuff at the bottom, i can wear them with heels flats or wedges.
Hope you like the looks, cant wait to wear them and show you.
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Friday, February 8, 2013

My skin care Routine

As a college student I am under constant stress which brakes me out, that means I have to switch up my skin care routine as many times as needed. My skin type is a combination of dry and oily, however I try to buy oil free products( I hate being shinny) . Now that it is winter time I have to find the specific products that will give me moister but wont be to oily. I have been using this products for more than two month now and can honestly say I love them. Each are different and work in wonderful ways. When using any specific skin care routine I try to only use one brand, simply because I believe they will work better.
What I Use
CLEAN AND CLEAR Deep exfoliating scrub- oil free
This exfoliator can be used in a daily basis. I started using this one because my Neutrogena Acne stress solution finished. Using it alone it was not working as I expected, however when i started using it with the CLEAN AND CLEAR Essentials deep cleansing toner, with salicylic acid acne medication -OIL FREE it started working to its full potential. I would not repurchase the wash with out the toner. For a moisturizer I use the CLEAN AND CLEAR dual action moisturizer OIL FREE/ salicylic acid medication. I do not have acne however the occasional stress or time of the month pimple bug me out so I use the CLEAN AND CLEAR Persa-gel 10, 10% benzoyl peroxide acne medication maximum strength. This is a great product to use sometimes not every day because it is over drying. I do use a combination of salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide and it has been working great for me! Give the products a try and tell me how you like them.
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Eye Brows and Crazy hair

It is 0 degrees here in NYC with a crazy snow storm and i cant imagine doing anything that is not playing with make up. I used so many different products, from ELF to LORAC. Here you can see what a difference make up does for the face. I specially wanted to focus on sculpting my eyebrow, which frame the face . If you are interested in any product or have any questions please let me know. Please excuse the hair.. One of those day where you just want to wear a hat.