Saturday, February 28, 2015


Hope Everyone is having a Fascinating and motivational weekend. So I have to be 100 percent honest I had never own a NYX lipstick prior to a couple months ago when Kendal Jenner’s lip became the most important thing to talk about. The amazing matte plump look had us all captivated, and like many others I went on the hunt for the look. That’s when I was introduced to NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams.  The was the day My life changed. My lip Life. So I purchased two Lip creams in the color Milan and Abu Dubai. Let me say No my lips did not look exactly like Kendall but hey they looked much better in my eyes. I am also pretty sure these two colors will look grate on any skin complection. After falling in love with those two colors I decided to venture and look at more NYX Lip products.        

    So I did go a little crazy looking at such a vast selection, NYX has all the colors, and texture you would look for in a lip product. But no I did not buy them all, I’m actually doing pretty well In containing myself. (Let see how long that last)  Below you see the different colors I have purchased of the NYX Butter Gloss, NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams, NYX Lip Sticks and the NYX Matte Lipsticks.These lippies smell so good and are so hydrating on the lips. No they are not supper sticky and your hair will not get caught in your lips. (Hate that) The Matte Lipsticks do not make your lips look chapped or dry like many others do. PLUS ALL NYX PRODUCTS ARE CRULTY FREE.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Makeup Haul,

So instead of explaining how busy and how baby blues (if I can call it that kept me away from blogging lets go straight to the haul…(I have missed this!!!!)

In the up coming post you will definitely see my style has changed very much. Not only my fashion style but also my morals and ethical views.. I will have a blog post on that very soon.

For the year 2015 I cleaned out about 95% of my makeup collection and about 40% of my clothing and shoes. Some I throw away and other gave to family. I guess you can say I love cleaning out anything because that means It all be time to buy new things. SO MKEUP  is no exception.
Here is a small look and review on  the makeup I got this week..


I have never ever been more disappointed in a makeup product. Bxoth of these pallets I wanted since I first saw and was expecting them or at least one to work for me and no they did not. As you see I swatch both the NYX SEX BOMB PALETTE AND THE PHYSICIANS FORMULA WARM NUDE PALLET.  In order to have the small pigmentation you see on my arms I  had to go deep in to the shadow at least 3 times. Not only do they not have good pigmentation they are chalky and just a big mess. The worst thing is I lost both receipts and can not return them.

I do not have enough words to describe how amazing this is!!! O baby Jesus, this is everything for me right now. Like many of us Gals and Gems who keep up with the makeup world we have seen the rave of the YSL Touche Éclat and this is the perfect drugstore dupe. I have it in the color light in order to have that pop we all need under our eyes to look awake. 

The world of make up has definitely been raving about highlights more than ever, while I personally do not want to spend 40 dollars on a high end highlight I still want to have that glow. And this PHYSICIAN FORMULA MINERAL GLOW PEARLS does it. I can not say as of yet if it compare to a high end highlight but the glow is amazing. I do wish it had a bit more gold.

Recently I have been discovering the world of dupes so every time I see a dupe I make sure to put my hands on it. And this beauty is not quit a Guerlain dupe, but it sure did remind me of their Météorites Perles De Blush. This physicians Formula Bronzer is life!! Each individual pearl had amazing pigmentation. I use this as an all over powder focusing it more as a Bronzer. This could also be a lot like Mac Mineralize Skin Finish.

xoxo, thank you of reading, please make sure to share and leave any suggestions.

Sunday, October 12, 2014


Like many things in life, I can say mother hood came naturally. July 3rd, 2014 was the day I was born; it was the day I realized who I actually am and what I will forever be willing to do.   My Son was born July 3rd, 2014 at exactly 5am . Being only 20 years old I had no idea what I was getting my self in to.  And I’m pretty sure neither did Chris. I know many young girls who get pregnant and aren’t married like in my case and they feel lost, they have so many questions not knowing what will happen; and having the feeling like life as they new it will no longer be. But if there is one ting I can say is I would not trade the feeling my son gives me for nothing in the world.

 Now that my son is here with me and healthy I can get back to one of the things I love the most, my blog. It took me about three months too even want to get dress again but hey we have to start somewhere.

Shirt: forever21 
Pants: Marshalls 
Flats: target 
Scarf:Philip Lim 
BackPack: Vintage 
Sunnies: Oscar De La Renata