Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Shorts and Tights

Who said that just because it is fall you can no longer wear you summer cloths. In the fall I constantly find myself wearing my shorts with any type of leggings or tights. It is one of the easiest looks to pull of, you will be comfy and look great! (my fall obsession along with infinity scarfs and knitted sweaters) The following pictures are of the past two days. It November 6 election date and I wanted to wear something comfortable because I had class and I know that lines get so long.IMG_2511

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I Love these shorts JCREW always has the best colorsUploaded from the Photobucket iPhone AppThis sweater  always makes me feel happy, It is so Warm. JCREW My lace leggings are from American Apparel


  1. wow! awesome mix of colors!
    i've just found your cool blog, would you like to visit mine ;)
    have a lovely day!
    kisses from Spain,

    1. Love you blog as well!!!!
      love and support from new york!